What is Full-Time Four-Wheel Drive?

If you live in an area that endures severe winters or if you enjoy off-roading, then you likely appreciate the power and functionality of 4-wheel drive vehicles. Some 4-wheel drive cars are designed to stay in this drive configuration permanently, and such vehicles are called full-time 4-wheel drive cars.

In contrast to this, many other 4-wheel drive cars and trucks can also shift into 2-wheel drive configurations. Cars that have this ability often include special parts called transfer cases. Transfer cases are specialized gear-boxes that may reside inside or outside of regular transmission housings. At the direction of drivers, these gear-boxes can convert torque from the main transmission into energy for all 4-tires.

As you can imagine, these devices are quite complicated, and as such, they require regular health check-ups. Thankfully, at our auto service facility in the Del Rio, Texas region, we employ skilled and certified powertrain system experts who stand ready to apply their skills on your behalf. For a no-obligation conversation about your needs, come to Ram Country Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FIAT today.

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