What Really Provides the Electricity Your Car Needs?

If you are like many car owners, you might think that the battery provides the electricity needed to operate your vehicle. Although the battery provides the power to start your car, the alternator actually creates the energy needed to support the electrical system.

Your car's alternator works like a generator. When your engine is running, it will spin a wheel on your alternator to generate electricity throughout your car. Alternators are normally located on the side of your engine with an attached drive belt, known as the serpentine belt. There are times when your alternator will fail, and your car will continue to run on battery power alone. However, the battery does not generate enough electricity to keep your car running all the time if your alternator fails.

Although alternators are built to last, they are not exempt from failing. Schedule a service at Ram Country Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram FIAT today and let one of our technicians keep that electricity flowing throughout your car.

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