The Dodge Durango Offers Great Efficiency

The Dodge Durango has become one of the most popular SUV vehicles. This is due to the tough look of the car, great features like navigation and a rearview camera, and the fact that this car provides a smooth ride on all roads. This vehicle has just stepped up its game now that it has a 3.6-Liter engine, which is also a V6 engine. Additionally, this engine provides almost 300 horsepower, so this vehicle will drive perfectly in the rain or snow.

Another great thing about the fuel efficiency in this vehicle is how many miles drivers will get with every gallon. Currently, the Dodge Durango is listed at approximately 29 miles per gallon, which makes this SUV the best on the market as it relates to miles per gallon. On a single tank of gas, people have completed almost 10 hours of driving.



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