The experts at the RAM truck company have been putting out powerful, durable, and popular vehicles for a long time. The 2019 RAM 2500 pickup truck does a good job of keeping up this important standard. This line of vehicles does so by giving owners and operators access to specially built Cummins motors as well as access to exhaust braking technology.

Prospective owners of the RAM 2500 can count on their new purchases providing them with plenty of under the hood power. The 6.7L, durable diesel engine created by Cummins supplies operators with a 17,980 pound max tow rating for diesel powered vehicles. In addition to this robust tow rating, the new RAM 2500 provides a healthy GCWR of over 23,500 pounds. These numbers add up to give this vehicle best in class towing capability.

Also contributing to the durability of this iconic vehicle is the specialized RAM 2500 Jake brake system. Also known as diesel exhaust braking, this technology allows the Cummins motor to create back pressure that can effectively augment main braking force. Not only does this feature allow this vehicle to tow and stop heavier loads, it also makes of the RAM 2500 disc braking system that much more durable.



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