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Your vehicle’s timing belt is an essential mechanical component that will eventually need replacement. If it is time to replace your timing belt, you can come to Ram Country Chrysler Jeep Dodge Fiat of Del Rio for a factory-certified replacement service. We are in Del Rio, central to the surrounding communities like Laughlin AFB, Val Verde Park, and Cienegas Terrace. You'll be glad you chose us for service when you experience the convenience and amenities our dealership offers. We're happy to help you with timing belt service and all your service needs.


Timing Belt Function

The timing belt is a critical component of an automobile engine, functioning to ensure proper movement of the camshafts. The camshafts’ function is to make both the exhaust and intake valves open or close when they need to. The movement of the camshafts needs to synchronize with the crankshaft movement properly; otherwise, the engine won't function properly. Severe engine damage can occur if the timing belt fails to synchronize this movement between the camshaft and crankshaft. When the timing belt needs replacement, you might notice signs like oil leaks or issues with your exhaust.

Problems Caused by a Malfunctioning Timing Belt

Your engine won't run at all if your timing belt has completely failed. If you drive your vehicle until your timing belt fails, numerous engine components can experience damage, including the valves, rocker arms, and pushrods. If extensive engine damage occurs, you will likely face expensive repair costs to get your engine running properly again.

The Lifespan of Your Timing Belt

The lifespan of a vehicle's timing belt can vary widely depending on the vehicle model. You should refer to your owner's manual to see how frequently timing belt replacement is recommended. You're likely to find that the timing belt requires replacement at least once every 100,000 miles or ten years. However, you may find that your owner's manual recommends having your timing belt replaced more often than this.


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Make your timing belt service appointment with us, and you can have confidence in quality work. You can also enjoy convenience at our well-equipped facility. Whether you're coming from Del Rio, Laughlin AFB, or Val Verde Park, you'll appreciate relaxing in our waiting area while our factory-certified technicians get to work on your car or truck. Use our online service scheduling feature to set up your appointment. Remember that our service department has available appointment times on Saturdays and weekdays


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