Mopar Transmission Fluid Exchange Service

Getting a MOPAR Transmission Fluid Exchange for Your Car in Del Rio, TX

A transmission translates the engine's power to the wheels of a vehicle, so it plays a fundamental function in how a vehicle moves and increases in speed. However, with all those metal parts moving around inside a transmission, it needs an abundant amount of lubrication to avoid any damaging friction. The key commodity that keeps the parts working seamlessly is the automatic transmission fluid or ATF.

The Durability of Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid as an automotive fluid is designed to be extremely durable. It has to be. Maintaining lubrication capability inside a transmission meshing power at 70 mph for hours on end is a demanding pressure, day after day, year after year. Eventually, however, even ATF fluid breaks down after repeated exposure to heat and demand. When that fluid starts to break down, the transmission friction increases, and so does the related heat. Eventually, damage starts to occur.

Don't Ignore the Warning Signs of Degrading Transmission Fluid

Why does the transmission fluid matter so much? The real question is what does the transmission do when it's operating correctly. It takes care of the following:

  • The transmission translates the engine power to the gears and wheels.
  • It provides the hydraulic power that allows the brakes and steering to work easily.
  • It allows the vehicle to run efficiently versus on raw power consumption and wasting fuel.

Transmission fluid also helps the clutch run correctly in manual transmissions and prevents corrosion in both manual and automatic transmission parts.

The Transmission Fluid Exchange Process

Prevention-wise, however, a transmission fluid exchange can solve the problem very quickly. The old ATF is drained out, and the new fluid is installed. This process, better known as a transmission flush, moves out both the old fluid as well as grit and bits that eventually build up from years of use. And with new fluid inside, the transmission parts remain protected and continue their long life of service and avoid much more severe repair issues.


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Getting Reliable Local Service

If your vehicle in Del Rio, Cienegas Terrace, Val Verde Park, or Laughlin seems to be driving rough, there appears to be slippage in your transmission, or you can't remember when the last time your transmission fluid was checked, it's time to bring your car into our service department. At Ram Country Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Del Rio, we can check your transmission fluid and determine its current state. If a MOPAR transmission fluid exchange is needed, we can take care of that too, getting your car back on the road in a safe manner. You'll notice a better driving performance and smoother gear changes in a manual transmission. You will also protect a very valuable part of your car, your transmission. Give us a call or email to schedule your appointment and service check. We'll get you fit in and taken care of without delay.

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